The Old Neighborhood

Pop Lit Fiction

The long and lazy summer! A time for reflection– for memories of childhood, of the old homestead, days past. Simpler times. The friends you had. The girl you knew.

Can we go back to those days? Should we go back?  These questions are raised by Andy Tu’s bittersweet story, “The Old Neighborhood.” We think you’ll like it.

She’d always been somewhere in the bottom of his mind, covered by the office romances and two long-term girlfriends. She’d been there, like a buried treasure, unlocked and waiting for him to free it from beneath the sands, to simply open it and look.


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The Lawn

Pop Lit Fiction

Summer is upon us! Lawn season. In keeping with the season we have a story by writer/musician Jeff Schroeck called, appropriately, “The Lawn.”

We live increasingly in a society about regulation, order, and conformity. Do this! Don’t do that. Follow the rules. Please comply. Aaarrggh! “The Lawn” is a metaphor for that conformity– presenting a situation with which many of us can identify.

I looked over my own copy of the agreement. They had no authority over my property but made sure that it was unpleasant for me to have disagreed with them.