New Pop Lit seeks to fuse pop writing with the literary, creating a new hybrid. Our goal is to present not just literary work, but a total artistic experience.

CEO and EIC:
      Karl (King) Wenclas

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Karl is former head of the Underground Literary Alliance. Currently he creates zeens and ebooks.

                              Kathleen M. Crane

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Kathleen is a former model and current t-shirt designer. She’s the author of Aloha From Detroit.


Nick Gallup
Christopher Landrum
Tom Preisler
Tom Ray

Chrissi Sepe
Frank D. Walsh
Fred Wright

Contact us at newpoplit@gmail.com

Follow us at twitter @NewPopLit


The Mission of New Pop Lit

Our goal is nothing less than to upend today’s literary scene. To make American literature attention-grabbing. We seek to do this not with activism, but art. With fiction and poetry that’s innovative, striking, and real.

The world deserves better poems and stories!

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Our current big need is for short audio recitations for our Open Mic feature. Three minutes max recommended.

We’re also looking for short (300-words) book reviews for our Book Chat blog.

Also for short quirky humor/satire pieces for our new Fast Pop Lit site.

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Submission Suggestions

At the moment we’re being extremely selective about fiction and poetry.

We look for reader-friendly stories with clarity, conciseness, form, and pace. Our mission is to merge “pop” and “literary”; entertainment and meaning. With that objective in mind, we’re looking for more experimentation in structure and viewpoint. Energy compressed within tight spaces.

We place few limitations on genre. The story or poem itself is what’s most important.

Luxury Literature (1)

One proviso: we’re not into depravity.

If you have more questions as to what we’re about, read our site and check out our twitter account. Our aim is to be the best literary site on the planet. We believe in competition in all spheres, including this one.

We do NO background checks on writers. We don’t care what your personal or political views are, or how you identify yourself. Not our concern. 

We’ll present your work in as attractive a manner as possible, and work to promote it.

We promote love, not hate.


Stars Two (3)

Where are writers who think of themselves as celebrities, the Scott Fitzgeralds or Ernest Hemingways, eager to be at the forefront of stylish times and glamorous happenings?


our role w border

Our role is to be enablers of writers. To choose the best work we can find and present that work in the best possible light.

Formatting Guidelines

Send in your work how you’d like it to appear in print– realizing it will need to fill a different-sized space. 

Single spacing in a simple font please, like Arial or Times New Roman. We accept .txt, .doc or Open Office text files. Text in the body of an email is fine too. No .pdf or .jpg files please. We also do not take hard copy submissions at this time, sorry.

(TIPS: Use the return key only to start a new paragraph. Avoid line breaks within paragraphs. Beware the tab key.)

(OR: Read “Formatting Your Manuscript.”)

Email submissions to newpoplit (at) gmail (dot) com, with “Submission” in the subject line.

We generally respond within a month. If you haven’t heard back from us within two months, please contact us.

When your work has been accepted, we will email you requesting a two-sentence biography, Twitter/Facebook handles and website link. (All are optional, but we can publicize your work better with this information.)


Legal Stuff (1)

Thanks for considering us. We look forward to reading your stories, poems, and essays!

(Painting by Kathleen Marie Crane.)

New Pop Lit HQ Phone#: 1-734-280-8775.

Recipients of a 2021/22 Creator of Culture grant from CultureSource.

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