Complaint Department

Leave your complaints about the site, about anything we post, our twitter feed, or anything else about New Pop Lit right here in the form of a comment. We have someone standing by to approve and post it as quickly as possible. Thank you.

-The Management


(Featured painting by Richard Woodville.)



One thought on “Complaint Department

  1. Hey! I love your site – like what you stand for, what you’re trying to do, what you’re saying.

    I do have a complaint. A pretty big one, but it’s not personal, not about you or what you cover. It’s about how this is presented. Got to say the layout, design, format of the site is really lacking. Tried to read a few poems you published and with the JPG images and bad non-typesetting I just couldn’t get into it, I felt really bad like this was a 9th graders site.

    That sounds harsh. I don’t mean it personally. I think if you want to do what you say you want to do, you have to get a great web design person or pay to have it done, but you got to do something big here.

    Besides that, I’m super psyched for you all and wish you the best!!!

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