Welcome to the MORE POP LIT page. This is our entrance to more rooms of pop lit experience. Several doors stand open. Which will you choose?


New Pop Lit News covers literary news and gossip, including about the “Big Four” Manhattan-based publishing monolith.


The New Pop Lit Open Mic features the best spoken word audio in today’s literary world. Have a listen. The performances are exciting and will in future weeks become more exciting. 


Book reviews? Do we post book reviews? Find them at our Book Chat blog, along with occasional short interviews with talented new writers.


You want critical essays? Literary opinions? Then check out our OP-ED page for literary viewpoints you won’t find anywhere else.


Have a complaint? Don’t like what we’re doing, the writing we present, our attitude, or the stances ideological or otherwise attributed to us by the misinformed? Do we have too much taste and style for the depraved nature of today’s artistic mob? Post a criticism or comment at our Complaint Department.


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