Baseball Is Truth, Truth Is Baseball


Hello! To celebrate the classic American summer sport of baseball– and the All-Star Game on July 14th– we present to readers what may well be a modern classic by Tom Tolnay,  “Baseball Is Truth, Truth Is Baseball.”

Is it a story?

Is it an essay?

Read it and decide. We believe you’ll find in the tale a great deal of insight and meaning.

What I’m saying is this:  Baseball’s a thinking fan’s game, and understanding its subtleties requires an upper-deck level of intelligence as opposed to, say, eyeballing a horde of foul-ball twits (or should I say “twitters”) in leggings kicking an air-pumped ball hither and thither.

Official Launch Date August 16th!


Greetings, fans of popular literature!

We hope you’re enjoying our first two stories, they are a taste of what’s to come… our official launch date is August 16th, just a couple weeks away.

We will kick things off with a handful of new stories, author interviews and lots from Karl and me about New Pop Lit: what it is; what it brings to readers; and how the movement can help authors. Watch this space!

Happy Reading,

Andrea + Karl.

Matt Murphy Private Eye


Our first offering at New Pop Lit is here!

Matt Murphy is a private eye. When Matt investigates, cases get solved. Or shit gets real ugly. On good days he manages both.

Today he’s just got himself locked in a room by someone who shut the door behind him while he was exploring.  It’s a panic room so no windows… and the door is bullet proof.

Read the rest of Ian Lahey’s Matt Murphy Private Eye here.



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