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We talk often here at New Pop Lit about reinventing the short story. We ask for contributions and help in this endeavor– but we also spend time working toward the objective ourselves.

Today we have a story from our own Kathleen Crane entitled, simply,  “Sam.”

Note how “Sam” has similarities to our previous story– in its slice-of-life realism– but differences as well, mainly in terms of style.

In the artistic choice between fantasy and reality, we lean toward reality– it’s the source of the most moving and meaningful art. At the same time we know that realistic writing has to be more than bland accumulation of trivial details– it needs to connect as immediately as possible with the reader. Does the story “Sam” achieve this?

Kathleen Crane believes in simplicity in art– that a work can be superficially uncomplex yet express a great deal of power and meaning.

The attributes of her story might be described as simplicity, compassion, and truth. That was the objective– only you the reader can tell us if we’ve reached it or not.

She was an angel, and she had loved him, Sam. They had lived on the beach together in Miami, with him busking for money, and Melody dancing to the music on the white sand, long golden hair swinging in time.

(Artwork by Martin J. Crane Sr.)

One thought on “Sam

  1. This is an evocative few sentences and conjures up a hippy alternative lifestyle in a very short space of time. It is compact – it says a lot more than the few words it consists of. I think it works.

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