Speech Therapy

Pop Fiction


A zombie story?

It was inevitable that at some point we would publish a zombie story. We want to be at the epicenter of the culture. Zombies are very “pop” right now. Very in. Far be it from NEW POP LIT to miss out on a trend!

“Speech Therapy” by Heidi Nibbelink might be the strangest story we’ve ever presented. It might be the most hilarious. (Speech therapy for zombies?) You the reader must judge. Plunge into the story here.  But be cautious! Be forewarned. Be sure to wear latex gloves as you take the narrative journey.

Soon my schedule was booked for nine hours a day with all-zombie clients. I started running evening conversation groups two nights a week where those who graduated from my ten-week course could continue practicing and refining their skills. And the money!



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