Lucid Dreamer: Conclusion

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Have you read Part I of Scott Cannon’s “Lucid Dreamer”? The character– and ourselves– have plunged into the alluring world of lucid dreams– dreams as real as life. Now the dreams will become more interesting. . . .

The unsettling conclusion of “Lucid Dreamer” is up! Read it if you dare.

He moved to leave, remembering that with his dream awareness and the control of lucidity he could find his way out, or make the tent maze disappear entirely and transport himself to some other place if he felt like it.

(When you finish, be sure to read our interview with imaginative writer Scott Cannon.)


Lucid Dreamer Part I

Pop Lit Fiction

Are you an imaginative person?

Are you easily frightened?

Take care reading this story: “Lucid Dreamer,” by Scott Cannon. One of the best stories we’ve ever published. It may be the scariest, or creepiest, or most unsettling story you’ll ever read.

What’s lucid dreaming, you ask? You’re about to find out. Encounter Part I of the tale– and plunge into the world of your own head.

“But really, as an adult? I can’t think of one time a dream has scared me awake. If that’s what you mean by nightmares. You know, the kind where your heart is just pounding and you kind of just thrash out of it. . .” His voice trailed off and his eyes lost focus for a moment. Ashlee’s smile went away and her gaze sharpened.