Pop Lit Fiction

ARE we entering a golden age of the short story?

The case for the proposition can be made, based on the kind of stories being written– and more and more published by outlets like NEW POP LIT.

What characterizes new story writers is their ability to combine a clear writing style, reader friendly, with intelligence and meaning.

One of the best of them is Joshua Isard, who has terrific short stories upcoming at a number of places. We were fortunate to snag one of them, “Nanoseconds.”  The story is about a young woman with tattoos trying to make her way in a buttoned-down institutional setting.

Where is the short story going? Read it and see!

She could feel everyone looking at her forearm. She turned it slightly, to make sure they could all see.

“Would you have asked me about my ink if I was a man, Dr. Kerr?”

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