Interview with Jana DeLeon


We continue our series of interviews with master storytellers this week with New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jana DeLeon. Her Miss Fortune Mysteries series features Fortune Redding, a CIA vixen hitwoman working the unpredictable Bayou backwoods… and looking for love!

Jana gives us the skinny on both traditional and self-publishing; her writing process; and engaging readers. Enjoy the interview here!


The best thing about indie publishing is it pays the lion’s share of profit to the artist, and that’s the way it should be. Non-compete clauses would have to be eliminated. I believe they are restraint of trade. No publisher should be able to limit an author’s ability to make a living, and the vast majority of traditionally published authors are not making enough money to support a family.

Interview with Elizabeth S. Craig


Happy New Year readers!

We’re starting things off with an interview from an author who has mastered the art of self-publishing and working with traditional publishers: Elizabeth S. Craig.

Elizabeth shares some of the knowledge she’s learned from her publishing experience, including the importance of genre in writing and what challenges authors should expect from both forms of publishing. She also fills us in on upcoming books. Enjoy!

Shear Trouble