Another “Hype” Interview!


We’ve heard it from our fans. “We want hype! We want hype!”

Well, maybe not so much– but our writers (we hope) love the attention we want to give them. Or possibly they’re instead like a kitten escaping from Aunt Mabel and the rest of the cooing brood running after them. Oh well.

Our mission is to create literary stars. God knows the lit game needs a few of them. Today we feature an interview with one of the best short story talents around, Thomas Mundt. Who coincidentally has a fantastic story in our first print issue, called “The Act,” about a ventriloquist.

Is Thomas Mundt the best story writer in Chicago? It’s a question we ask Mr. Mundt straight up. Read his answer, and his other answers, in our exclusive interview  with him. It’s a conversation not to be missed!