Starstruck On Tuesday

Third-Way Fiction

Today’s the day readers: Super Bowl Sunday. We’re reaching out to everyone whose team didn’t make it this year with a story that will take you inside the head of a would-be Hollywood heartthrob. Is our protagonist mad, or has he adapted to the madness around him? Treat yourself with a light visit to Crazytown through this story by author Lloyd Poast! Starstruck On Tuesday.


Remember the name Brandon Quinn. You’ll be seeing it very soon at a theatre near you. And no, I’m not psychic. I’m an actor, or should I say a major star on the horizon. I’m that rare combination of talent plus charisma that equals superstardom.

I’ve heard some describe me as brash, or dare I say cocky, but even I can hardly believe the whirlwind that has been the last few months. Leaving my small hometown for the media staccato of New York has allowed me to showcase my considerable talent in important, albeit small, roles on both Broadway and television. Film is the next logical step and my ultimate destiny.


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