New York City Fiction

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TODAY we offer a slice of New York City, via a very cool and quick short story, “Unstuck” by Kate Faigen.

The so-called Big Apple remains one of the most fascinating cities on the planet due to a host of characters all jammed together amid shops, skyscrapers, subways, mad traffic, culture, parks, and a smattering of confused sightseers overwhelmed by the experience.

GRANTED, not enough New York, or at least Manhattan, writers have signed the petition to “Save the Writer” from the onslaught of chatbots– the Bronx is better represented than Manhattan!– and our eventual plan is to move the center of American literary culture outside the city of concrete canyons. Nonetheless we present a classic-style tale, a yarn, the kind of quirky narrative told around a campfire– or under a streetlamp to enthralled listeners in urban neighborhoods like those in the Bronx– and we trust you’ll like it.

Today in Central Park I clocked the fourteenth weirdest thing I’d seen all day, which is no small title. A man rolled his eyes so hard that they got stuck. Right up there toward the sky like a rocket frozen in launch.


BY THE WAY, if you care or dare to sign the aforementioned petition, you can do it here. We thank you and thank everyone else who’ve appended a name or pseudonym or gone anonymous on the list to help protect writers and inform readers about plutocrat-enriching electricity-draining botbooks.