Three Beat Poems

by beat56

Unglory days


Ungeneration x
Undouglas coupland
Unwinona ryder
Unreality bites
Unblack hole sun
Unno rain
Unglory days


Coleridge cold eternity


Why dost thou pass away and leave our state
This dim vast vale of tears vacant and desolate

-Percy Bysshe Shelley

Full of codeine and dreams and poems
the poet soon finds that the world has not

blossomed yet and his flowers and ambrosia blooms
like a beautiful sunrise go unheeded unwelcomed
and unnoticed undeterred he must love and write
    * the cloistered muse ecstasy music appearing eternity for
Arcady has gone down cold a coleridge eternity
Shine free from desolation

Stay high


Stay high
don’t lie down in darkness
breath in sunlight
starlight eyed eternity
child like a stream before
river today look out here comes
tomorrow stay high stay high
highly highness you can lay your
head down head down lay your
head down wake up like a sunrise sunrise wake up like a sunrise
rested like daylight like daylight
rest like daylight stay high stay high
rest like daylight

beat56 is a lakebeatgrunge poet always waiting for the spirit of delight. His twitter handle is @jonnyboywatson1. Ask him about his chapbook!



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