No Robots!



This is to affirm we will be accepting no literary work– fiction, nonfiction, or poetry– created with the use of an A.I. program. As the task for human writers today is difficult enough as it is, and as we enjoy the human element in art, we seek to delay the march toward artificial everything as long as possible.

YES, WE KNOW the dream of the hyper-plutocrats– billionaires like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Peter Thiel, and Elon Musk– is to control everything themselves from the top down and eliminate all human employees, so they can run their massive businesses strictly via robots and phone apps. To this we say: Do what you will, world, but WE at New Pop Lit Headquarters will be cooperating with this insane plan as little as possible. -K.W. and K.M.C for NPL.

p.s. New feature works by human writers ARE upcoming.

One thought on “No Robots!

  1. As a short story writer, I fully support the decision made by New Pop Lit to not accept literary work created by A.I. programs. The human element in art is what sets it apart and makes it special, and it’s important to preserve that. It’s understandable that some may see the use of A.I. as a way to cut costs and make things more efficient, but at what cost? The dream of the hyper-plutocrats to control everything from the top down and eliminate human employees is concerning and I’m glad to see that New Pop Lit is standing strong in their commitment to preserving the human element in art.

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