New Aesthetics, New Canons


DO PEOPLE realize the enormous cultural-media changes now taking place?

One needs to step back and view the bigger picture to fully see the changes. Legacy institutions in steady decline. The rise of often-inadequate-if-not-insane upstarts.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN that a racist nonentity like Nick Fuentes, podcasting out of his mom’s basement while promoting crackpot ideas, can become a national figure?

WHAT DOES IT MEAN that the richest man on the planet buys the most effective social media tool and uses it to decide what will or will not become major news stories?

WHAT DOES IT MEAN that a once-prestigious institution like the British Film Institute comes up with a list of “100 Greatest” movies that’s 100% out-of-step with public taste– as if they’re out to deliberately marginalize/sabotage/dynamite themselves and all current established-and-approved film critics?

These signs mean there are ENORMOUS openings in the culture right now– the opportunity to rethink everything arts related. Which we’re doing in the literary field with new styles of publications, as well as changing the structure of the literary art itself. The good guys (us!) need to pre-empt the bad guys in these changes.

Stay tuned. Much is happening.

One thought on “New Aesthetics, New Canons

  1. We live in an anti-intellectual culture. Period.
    Why is that?

    A society were the majority of youth(s) would rather be entertained with expensive video games–
    certainly not with Jack London, Mark Twain, or Kipling. (Once those games didn’t exist.)
    College student bodies prefer going to school football games rather than the theatre. (Look at the money colleges & universities are making from football, & what they pay coaches.)

    Compare the TV audience watching Yellowstone compared to those watching the History Channel.
    Look how much actors & athletes earn compared to poets, artists, or writers.

    The outlook is serious, it has been for several generations, but the book banning & the loss of independent book stores
    & progressive movie houses has dramatically increased since the the beginning of the 21st century.

    With most of all the entertainment outlets geared in one mindless direction, it is nearly impossible for many who might be inspired by something more interesting, literary, or intellectual to discover entertainment with more intellectual meat on its bones. Not to forget, the
    majorities’ contempt for those involved in the various arts’ programs. One can only hope that as time passes more will become involved in
    the same search that we discovered when we were young & dissatisfied.

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