What I Don’t See

Pop Lit Fiction

Hello! Today we have a new story by Ian Lahey which is properly quirky, properly mind-provoking, properly “pop.” It’s called “What I Don’t See” and we think you’ll like it. Ian’s stories always have punch to them and they’re always written with clarity– even when they present the viewpoint of someone who may or may not be mad!

In a certain sense that is not too far removed from the hallucinations which have haunted me since I was born. Rumors in my brain which distract me from reality, whichever that may be. But my mind is broken, and I can sometimes see through the hallucinations. . . .


Speaking of short stories, don’t forget to read the answers to our first “Lit Question of the Month,” which discuss the condition and future of the short story. This was a test which turned out to be more successful than we expected. The remaining question now is what our next question will be. If you have suggestions, send them to us at newpoplitinteractive@gmail.com. Thanks!


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