Lit Question of the Month


We want no complacency– even among our own readers.

We need to be dynamic. Always changing. Nothing static.

Unpredictable? That’s our tactic.

Toward that end we’re doing a “Lit Question of the Month.”

See the question.

A score of answers have been received– most in response to our emails– including from several “name” writers. We’ve sought a variety of voices. We don’t play the monothink game. Answers will be posted at our Interactive blog soon, perhaps within the next two days.

In our quest to be an intellectual leader among literary sites, we also have an Opinion essay upcoming– to be announced here before the end of the week.

In the meantime, be sure to read our latest “Hype” feature– a terrific interview with Scott Cannon of “Lucid Dreamer.” And our recent hyper-edgy story Valentine’s Day.


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