A Sustainable Lit Model?


WE BELIEVE it’s a huge advantage for a lit project to be located outside New York City.

In the vicinity of New York, all mindsets are dominated by the modes of the Big 5 publishers and their attached-or-symbiotic organs. (The New Yorker et.al.) It’s nearly impossible for a literary entrepreneur to resist this– to think outside the status quo box.

Yet drastic changes in literature and publishing are occurring outside the world of the Big 5. Our goal is to A.) be at the forefront of those changes; B.) remain flexible enough to adapt to more changes; more ways of thinking and operating.


We posted no new feature this past weekend because our time and energy are temporarily back focusing on the “model” for presenting new literature. Setting up the necessary blocks for future progress.

The website itself is only part of the model.

In coming days we’ll work on:

1.) Tweaking the long-delayed print version of this site– then doing another printing; the real one with barcode. Learning how to be a publisher, even in the Internet age, involves thoroughly learning the “trade” of publishing. The NPL print journal will be the first of our titles.

2.) Setting up a NEW POP LIT online boutique or “shop” for selling our products.

How does a literary project become self-sustaining?

We’ll cover this matter in future posts. Keep watching!

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