NEW POP LIT will be undergoing a few changes due to the departure of co-editor Andrea Nolen. We’ll have an announcement soon of where we’re headed. Hopefully to new areas. Any living creation has to continually move forward. In the meantime:

-We’ll soon publish again here great new fiction and poetry.

-We’ll soon post at our house blog a report on NEW POP LIT’s appearance at the Allied Media Conference. Also about the preview of NPL “The Print Version” at that conference.

-We have terrific interviews upcoming with two of the talented writers in that issue, Alex Bernstein and Kathleen Crane.

Andrea Nolen was the driving force in creating this lit site. She brought me into this project. We wish her all success in her future endeavors. We’ll miss her ideas and her skills. The task for NEW POP LIT now is to build on this foundation– to take our quixotic attempt to revive literature to another level. Can we do that? Stay tuned!

-Karl Wenclas

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