Yellow Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair, In The Morning

Third-Way Fiction

Good Morning!

Today we’re going to shake y’all out of your post-turkey stupor with a story by author and filmmaker Pablo D’Stair!

yellow is the color of my true love’s hair, in the morning is the slightly creepy tale of a guy who likes laundry…

I’d often thought about it, but it wasn’t until one day that I did it—Callie, a woman in the apartment building, I’d always time it to do the laundry the same time as her, had noticed she was pretty much on a schedule about things like that and taking out the trash and things, and so I’d think about it and one day she had her first load going and had just left the basket of the second load, went out into the parking lot, into her car to get something so I poked around, took a pair of the panties, a pair that didn’t seem well worn but not so specific or new looking she’d definitely notice it missing.

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