Classic Pop

Classic Pop

Hello, New Pop Lit Readers!

We’re getting geared up for our Aug 16th launch date and thought a taste of classic pop lit would tide folks over.

Karl and I have chosen Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Sire de Maletroit’s Door for your enjoyment. A dark story set during the Hundred Years’ War, it’s a great example of writing from storytelling’s golden age…

Denis de Beaulieu was not yet two-and-twenty, but he counted himself a grown man, and a very accomplished cavalier into the bargain. Lads were early formed in that rough, warfaring epoch; and when one has been in a pitched battle and a dozen raids, has killed one’s man in an honorable fashion, and knows a thing or two of strategy and mankind, a certain swagger in the gait is surely to be pardoned.

Read more here!

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