When It’s All Said and Done

rarely and barely do I miss you,
wilting blooming in guilt in dreaming.

early morn, fairly warm, we subsist as two,
separate entities, delicacy, fallen leaves.

melodramatic showers pouring over hours,
loves curses versus passion in verses.

our past fashion was classic inaction, 
clumsy found us tumblin caught us bumblin.

circling the same ideal, idle talk may kill,
sure climb that hill but there’s no one hell.

overtime, out of time, waitin in line,
wastin time, wanderin, wayward, it’s fine.

truly fool me like a cool breeze,
please and thank you and please.

we must have been a mad symphony,
it must have been me.

Aqeel Parvez is a poet from Leeds, England. He has been published online and in print. He is the author of eight chapbooks. Follow him on IG: @ap.writer

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