Four Poems by Bruce Dale Wise

Death in the Afternoon
by Edwe Bleca Ruís

“Nobody ever lives their life all the way up except bull-fighters                                               -Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises

His death, shown live on television—Victor Barrio—

on Saturday, in Spain, has crossed the globe on video.

The bull, named Leonardo, pierced its horn into his chest.

The cheering audience aghast, was silenced by the test,

as was the bull, its mother too, obliged expedients.

The voices followed afterwards on social media.

For some the death was hard. For some the death was bittersweet.

The animal-rights activists went viral on their tweets.

They want the banning of the cruel sport; they want it gone—

death in the afternoon, in Terecuel, Aragon.


South China Sea Must Be Chinese

by Lu “Reed ABCs” Wei

It seems, this Friday, Chinese hackers are back at it again,

when they attacked the website of a national airline.

They hit Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh flight information screens

and posted notes condemning Vietnam and Philippines.

The operators at the airports had to set aside

all electronic check-ins, civil aviation said.

The messages were all about marine sov)er)eign)ty):

Beijing demands South China Sea must be Chinese, Chinese!

despite the ruling of the courts, declaring Chinese claims

are farcical and have no grounds; in short, they are insane.


Business at the Speed of Greed

by Brad Lee Suciew

It flows along in English, French, Italian, Japanese,

Dutch, German, Chinese, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Across its mighty girth and length, all kinds of things are shipped;

beneath its course exist both C++ and Java script.

Andean in its source, Atlantic in its far-flung quest,

it runs through rainy forests from headwaters in the West.

An electronic commerce, cloud-computing company,

it rolls upon the Internet from sea to shining sea.

It started out as a book seller stored in ores of ROM;

and now it sells whatever it can—



The Coup in Turkey

by Çelebi Ürwëdas

“Democracy, freedom, and the rule of law…For us these words have absolutely no value any longer.”                                                                                                                                                          -Recep Tayyip Erdoĝan, in Ankara, 18 March 2018

The coup in Turkey has been stopped; the purges now begin.

It’s time to cleanse state institutions shouts out Erdoĝan.

So who is being targeted in this his counter-coup?

All those who do not totally support his point of view:

judiciary members, soldiers, teachers, and police,

the disagreeable deans from the universities,

likewise, officials of the education ministry ,

religious clerics, preachers, staff of social policy,

intelligence officials, the prime minister’s own staff,

democracy, and rule of law. Write freedom’s epitaph.


Bruce Dale Wise is a poet and prosaist who writes under various charichords (anagrammatic heteronyms). The creator of new poetic forms, like the tennos (10 lines of iambic heptametre), his publication credits include magazines and ezines under his own name and various pseudonyms. These tennos are examples of his docupoetry.

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