Four More Poems by Tom Preisler



It’s getting crisp again, with those cold
winds slowly cooling the old earth,
the Snapdragons are starting to look like
skulls from Baudelaire’s ‘Fleur du Mal’.

I am starting to look forward to those walks with the
bloodiest red wine served in paper cups,
cheap cigarettes, empty park benches, Dylan,
Simon and Garfunkel’s records in my ears,

nylon string guitars, denim jackets, the sound
of crinkled leaves under my boots, with a book
of longing in my pocket and ghost stories read
on a rainy night.


I No Longer

I no longer miss the long nights and the stars as
I long for peace and for the stillness of my mind,
I long for the boredom of life and the slow passing of
my desire for nothingness is universal, the desire to
do nothing
and to be nothing, sacred.


End of History

This is the end of history
for when it repeats itself
in to its infinity, echoing
the past and never reaching
the future..



looking to the west, as the sun lowers its gaze and the moon briefly visits the same part of the evening sky,
I think of the enormity of it all, I think of the people I have met, and will meet,
The shared thoughts and ideas that light up the skies with a mad intensity of the shooting stars,
In that moment, as I look to the west, I feel that connection to everything and everyone.


Tom Preisler is a poet and musician based out of Toronto, Canada. These four poems are a continuation of four others, here.

Tom’s music can be found at

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