A Cup of Coffee and a Smoke

by Matt Sandifer


Light it up and inhale

20 down and its only midday

Wake up early for the job you hate

Water, filter, grains

1 cup

Sip your joe the caffeine races

Smoke alone society hates it

60 years you have no teeth

See no point in stopping

You take a drink

A cup of coffee and a smoke

Seems to be all you know

The new millennium you seem out of place

The wrinkles weigh heavy

On your face

Nicotine AKA Lucifer has done its work

The size of a softball

Treatment is idle

Situation acute but it doesn’t matter

Water, filter, grains

You’re a creature of habit

Fastly becoming incoherent

We all cry

Light it up

The desire still inside

A cup of coffee and a smoke

Seemed to be

All you knew


Matt Sandifer lives in Kentucky and experienced every kid’s dream of going to community college. He spreads words of wisdom in a manner that some may deem “pretentious,” however, he has been dubbed a visionary on more than one occasion.

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