Latest images of personalities and happenings from the world of Pop Literature.


Irish poet DS Maolalai gave us four poems to feature.



Angelo Lorenzo wrote the pop story hit, “Spoiler Alert.”


IMG_20180531_172042 (1)

Poet C.A. Shoultz seems pleased we featured his beautiful poem “The Dancer” at our site.



New Pop Lit editors at Michigan’s Corey Lake.


Michael Howard doubled

An excellent short story for New Pop Lit was provided by Michael Howard, whose story is about the two-sided nature of man.



Another of America’s best new poets, Adrian Ernesto Cepeda, has a poem featured at New Pop Lit‘s ongoing Open Mic.


Elias Keller -- author photo - bw
He looks like a magician and sent us a magical story, so we’ve been calling him the Amazing Elias Keller.


Jack Somers Author Photo 4

Jack Somers is one of a wave of talented new short story writers. His “Up on the Mountain” was featured in 2018 at New Pop Lit.



Promo photo of our Kathleen M. Crane used by promoters of the Resilience event at the Heinz Prechter Center, at which she spoke.


We’ve begun featuring audio readings by terrific poet Kristin Garth at our Open Mic.



Ohio poet James Croal Jackson had three poems at New Pop Litone of them also at our Open Mic.


PicMonkey Collage

The Four Faces of Brian Eckert, whose new story “The Hunting Cabin” appeared at NPL.



Wordsmith Timmy Chong is part of our ongoing Poetry Attack!


Widely published Don Waitt gifted us with the story, “Racquetball.”



Spoken word master Damian Rucci in performance. We have a recording of Damian doing “Everyone’s a Moderate Except When They’re Not” at our new Open Mic blog.


Tianna G
Talented Tianna Grosch wrote the terrific story, “Unraveling.”



New talent Alex Olson provided us with two well-written short stories.



When we asked famed New York avant-garde writer Richard Kostelanetz for a photo of himself, this is what he sent.



Arkansas writer Joshua Caleb Wilson made his debut at New Pop Lit with “Park Rangers.”


mgY1FQmg_400x400 (1)


November 2017 featured new writing from the multi-talented international writer Eva Ferry.


img 149
Our October 2017 features included a new story from award-winning writer Julie Parks.






Ohio poet Robert Beveridge looks pleased as punch to have work at New Pop Lit.


Anne Leigh Parrish

Our most recent story from Anne Leigh Parrish is “Shelter.”



Is Jess Mize happy or unhappy about our review of her poetry chapbook?



We featured a new story by Brian Eckert in September.



We strive to feature talented young writers. Samuel J. Stevens is one of the best of them.

Alan SWYER_photo_Newark_1948

(We seek to publish young writers, but not quite this young. Alan Swyer when he first began writing in Newark, New Jersey. Note typewriter.)

alan swyer red shirt

A more current photo of Alan Swyer, author of “Country Sweetheart,” in California. Do we have another exciting new story by him in our line-up? Maybe!



A shot of a very young Frisky Moser, author of novel Jack Strat and His Baby Blues.

clint author photo
Clint Margrave
 wrote a phenomenal short story with the ultra-provocative title “The Fetus.” (It’s not political. But it is literature.)



Editors at end of a night on the town in Ann Arbor.


Joseph S. Pete photo



Joseph S. Pete photo

Illinois writer Joseph S. Pete wrote two excellent Appreciations for our All-Time American Writers Tournament.



Alan with LPs

Was Alan Swyer‘s “Country Sweetheart” the story of the year?


erin knowles chapman

For National Poetry Month, a photo of one of our favorite poets, Erin Knowles Chapman.


NK in April 2016


NK in April 2016      NK in April 2016


NK in April 2016

Norbert Kovacs writes vigorous pop fiction. We have “The Fight.”


Calder Lorenz

Short story writer Calder Lorenz, made an appearance at New Pop Lit.



Another photo of NPL editor “KMC” Kathleen Marie Crane in Philadelphia, March 2017.


jess mize

“Young Writer” Jess Mize with her biggest fan.

* * * * * * * * * * * *


Kathleen Crane caught in a candid moment during Philly trip.



New Pop Lit editors at Philadelphia’s famed Academy of Music, March 11, 2017.


Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Lauren N. Jackson is being featured in our “Young Writers” essay, along with her story, “The Spore Guild.” A can’t-miss literary star of the future.



Photo of writer Scott Cannon (“Yacht Party”) and his wife Shannon at recent wedding of son #2.


New Pop Lit Editor Karl Wenclas in Philadelphia.



New Pop Lit Contributing Editor Kathleen Marie Crane “searching for Hemingway” in Madrid sometime last decade.


We consider good writers to be stars. We’re out to treat writers like rock stars. As exciting personalities. It’s the only way the literary art can compete in this hyper-noisy age. Our goal is only to be the coolest literary site ever!

(Public domain art by Robert Delaunay.)




3 thoughts on “Gallery

    1. No. We’re still a fledgling outfit, putting down a foundation for future growth. For the foreseeable future we believe it’ll be better for both ourselves and the writers we publish for us to concentrate all time and limited resources on promotion– getting word out about both our site and the “pop-lit” writers we publish. Establishing our brand AND the names of writers. Our objective will be to establish a circle of a dozen or two writers, whose work best fits our intended model, and regularly or at least intermittently publish and promote those writers. History in endeavor after endeavor shows this is the path to take if you want to breakthrough and achieve consciousness in the greater culture. We’re very ambitious, and we’re looking for at least a few very ambitious writers willing to be part of this. The question will become at some point: what’s the writer’s goal?

      We need better, punchier, more readable writers than the stodgy mainstream variety, but we also seek a few faces and striking personas to go along with that writing.

      We hope this answers your question!

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