Latest images of personalities and happenings from the world of Pop Literature.


(Under re-construction. Changes coming.)



New Pop Lit editors at Michigan’s Corey Lake.



Another photo of NPL editor “KMC” Kathleen Marie Crane in Philadelphia, March 2017.



Kathleen Crane caught in a candid moment during Philly trip.



New Pop Lit editors at Philadelphia’s famed Academy of Music, March 11, 2017.




New Pop Lit Editor Karl Wenclas in Philadelphia.



New Pop Lit Contributing Editor Kathleen Marie Crane “searching for Hemingway” in Madrid sometime last decade.


We consider good writers to be stars. We’re out to treat writers like rock stars. As exciting personalities. It’s the only way the literary art can compete in this hyper-noisy age. Our goal is only to be the coolest literary site ever!




3 thoughts on “Fandom

    1. No. We’re still a fledgling outfit, putting down a foundation for future growth. For the foreseeable future we believe it’ll be better for both ourselves and the writers we publish for us to concentrate all time and limited resources on promotion– getting word out about both our site and the “pop-lit” writers we publish. Establishing our brand AND the names of writers. Our objective will be to establish a circle of a dozen or two writers, whose work best fits our intended model, and regularly or at least intermittently publish and promote those writers. History in endeavor after endeavor shows this is the path to take if you want to breakthrough and achieve consciousness in the greater culture. We’re very ambitious, and we’re looking for at least a few very ambitious writers willing to be part of this. The question will become at some point: what’s the writer’s goal?

      We need better, punchier, more readable writers than the stodgy mainstream variety, but we also seek a few faces and striking personas to go along with that writing.

      We hope this answers your question!

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